Definition of a “Good Shelter”

On our social media we will share shelter dogs and cats that are in "red alert" - in danger of being euthanized. Many shelters will add details about the dog/cat with a "euth date" listed so you know what kind of timeframe the dog or cat has before the vet or certified euthanasia tech shows... Continue Reading →

“I thought my dog knew I was the Alpha…”

I'm not a professional dog trainer, but I'm a constant student of dog behavior. I've learned something from each and every trainer I've hired and seminar/workshop/camp I attended since 2002. With this blog, I want readers to learn what I have learned as the "average pet owner," and I want to inspire those who are... Continue Reading →

“No Dogs Allowed”

I'm going to use the story of the Big Four Bridge to bring home the point of this blog entry. This is an old story but the lesson behind it still rings true today. Five years ago dogs were banned from the Big Four Bridge (a pedestrian bridge that opened up in Louisville, Kentucky). Here... Continue Reading →

Definition of a Good Animal Rescue

Working our booth at Hippie Fest last weekend, we had some college-age shoppers enter our booth. One gal told me when she gets out of college, she wants to start her very own animal rescue just like I did, then she asked for advice. I didn't know where to begin. For a few seconds I... Continue Reading →

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